Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: For cold and snow weather

Ventilation slots

The ventilation slots in front of the windscreen should be brushed clear after heavy snowfall so that the operation of the heating and ventilation systems will not be impaired.


To prevent freezing of the weatherstripping on the doors, bonnet, etc., they should be treated with silicone grease.

Additional equipment

It is a good idea to carry a shovel or a short-handled spade in the vehicle during the winter so that you can clear away snow if you get stranded. A small hand-brush for sweeping snow off the vehicle and a plastic scraper for the windscreen and rear window are also useful.


 Fusible links

The fusible links will melt to prevent a fire if a large current attempts to flow through certain electrical systems. In case of a melted fuse link, we recommend you to have your vehicle inspected.


Fuse block location To prevent damage to the electrical system due to shortcircuiting or overloading, each individual circuit is provided with a fuse. There are fuse blocks in the passenger compar

 Replacement of lamp bulbs

Before replacing a bulb, ensure the lamp is off. Do not touch the glass part of the new bulb with your bare fingers; the skin oil left on the glass will evaporate when the bulb gets hot and the va


 DTC U1415, U0019, U0141, U0151, U0154, U0155, U0168, U0184, U0195

DTC U1415:Coding Not Completed CAUTION If DTC U1415 is set in the A/C-ECU, diagnose the CAN main bus line. CAUTION Whenever the ECU is replaced, ensure that the communication circuit is normal. TROUBLE JUDGMENT The A/C-ECU receives the vehicle information signals from the ETACS-ECU via the CAN bus

 Diagnostic Item 24-25

DIAGNOSTIC ITEM 24: Short to power supply or ground in both CAN_H and CAN_L lines of the CAN-B bus lines. CAUTION When servicing a CAN bus line, ground yourself by touching a metal object such as an unpainted water pipe. If you fail to do so, a component connected to the CAN bus line may be damage

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