Mitsubishi Outlander manuals


Mitsubishi Outlander Owner's Manual

      L General information
           L Fuel selection
           L Filling the fuel tank
           L Installation of accessories
           L Modification/alterations to the electrical orfuel systems
           L Genuine Parts
           L Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil
      L Locking and unlocking
           L Keys
           L Electronic immobiliser(Anti-theft starting system)
           L Keyless entry system
           L Keyless operation system
           L Doors
           L Central door locks
           L Dead Lock System
           L “Child-protection” rear doors
           L Split tailgate
           L Inside tailgate release
           L Electric window control
           L Sunroof
      L Seat and seat belts
           L Seat
           L Arrangement of seats
           L Seat adjustment
           L Front seat
           L Second seat
           L Third seat (7 persons)
           L Head restraints
           L Making a luggage room
           L Making a flat seat
           L Seat belts
           L Pregnant women restraint
           L Seat belt pre-tensioner system and forcelimiter system
           L Child restraint
           L Seat belt inspection
           L Supplemental restraint system (SRS)-airbag
      L Instruments and controls
           L Instruments
           L Multi-information display
           L Indicator lamp, warning lamp, and information screen display list
           L Indicator lamps
           L Warning lamps
           L Information screen display
           L Combination headlamps and dipper switch
           L Headlamp levelling
           L Turn-signal lever
           L Hazard warning flasher switch
           L Fog lamp switch
           L Wiper and washer switch
           L Headlamp washer switch
           L Wiper deicer switch
           L Rear window demister switch
           L Horn switch
      L Starting and driving
           L Economical driving
           L Driving, alcohol and drugs
           L Safe driving techniques
           L Running-in recommendations
           L Parking brake
           L Parking
           L Steering wheel height adjustment
           L Inside rear-view mirror
           L Outside rear-view mirrors
           L Ignition switch
           L Steering wheel lock
           L Starting the engine
           L Manual transmission
           L Electronically controlled 4WD system
           L 4-wheel drive operation
           L Inspection and maintenance followingrough road operation
           L Cautions on the handling of 4-wheel drivevehicles
           L Braking
           L Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
           L Power steering system
           L Active stability control (ASC)
           L Cruise control
           L Reversing sensor system
           L Cargo loads
           L Trailer towing
      L For pleasant driving
           L Ventilators
           L Automatic air conditioning
           L Important operation tips for the airconditioning
           L Air purifier
           L LW/MW/FM digital tuning radio with CDplayer
           L LW/MW/FM digital tuning radio with CDchanger
           L To use the external audio input function(vehicles with a rear-seat display)
           L Steering wheel audio remote controlswitches
           L Error codes
           L Handling of compact discs
           L Antenna
           L Digital clock
           L Hands-free Bluetooth® cellular phoneinterface system with voice recognition
           L Sun visors
           L Vanity mirror
           L Accessory socket
           L Interior lamps
           L Storage spaces
           L Cup holder
           L Bottle holder
           L Cargo area cover
           L Luggage hooks
      L For emergencies
           L If the vehicle breaks down
           L Emergency starting
           L Engine overheating
           L Tools and jack
           L How to change a tyre
           L Towing
           L Operation under adverse driving conditions
      L Vehicle care
           L Vehicle care precautions
           L Cleaning the interior of your vehicle
           L Cleaning the exterior of your vehicle
      L Maintenance
           L Service precautions
           L Bonnet
           L Engine oil
           L Engine coolant
           L Washer fluid
           L Brake fluid/Clutch fluid
           L Power steering fluid
           L Battery
           L Tyres
           L Parking brake break-in
           L Wiper blade rubber replacement
           L General maintenance
           L For cold and snow weather
           L Fusible links
           L Fuses
           L Replacement of lamp bulbs
      L Specifications
           L Vehicle labeling
           L Vehicle dimensions
           L Vehicle performance
           L Vehicle weight
           L Engine specifications
           L Electrical system
           L Tyres and wheels
           L Fuel consumption
           L Refill capacities

Mitsubishi Outlander Service Manual

      L General
           L How To Use This Manual
           L How To Use Troubleshooting, Inspection Service Points
           L Vehicle Identification, General Data and Specifications
           L Precautions Before Service
           L Tightening Torque, Lubrication and Maintenance
           L Maintenance Service
           L Harness Connector Inspection (Electrical)
           L How To Diagnose (Electrical)
      L Engine
           L Engine Mechanical - 2.4L Engine
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Crankshaft Pulley
                L Camshaft
                L Valve Stem Seal
                L Oil Pan
                L Crankshaft Oil Seal
                L Cylinder Head Gasket
                L Timing Chain
                L Balancer Timing Chain, Balancer Shaft and Oil Pump Module
                L Balancer Shaft and Oil Pump Module
                L Engine Assembly
           L Engine Overhaul - 2.4L Engine
                L Generator and Ignition System
                L Intake Manifold and Fuel System
                L Exhaust Manifold
                L Oil Pan and Timing Chain Case
                L Timing Chain
                L Camshaft
                L Cylinder Head and Valves
                L Balancer Chain
                L Piston and Connecting Rod
                L Crankshaft and Cylinder Block
           L Engine Lubrication
           L Engine Cooling
                L Engine Cooling Diagnosis
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Thermostat
                L Water Hose and Water Pipe
                L Radiator
           L Engine Electrical
                L Charging System
                L Starting System
                L Ignition System
           L Engine and Emission Control
                L Engine Control
                L Cruise Control
                     L General Information
                     L Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures
                     L Symptom Chart, Symptom Procedures
                L Emission Control MFI
           L Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) - 2.4L Engine
                L Troubleshooting Strategy, Diagnostic Function
                L Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures
                     L DTC P0010, P0011, P0013, P0014, P0016, P0017, P0031, P0032, P0037, P0038
                     L DTC P0053, P0068, P0069, P0101, P0102, P0103, P0106, P0107, P0108
                     L DTC P0111, P0112, P0113, P0116, P0117, P0118, P0121, P0122, P0123, P0125, P0128, P0130, P0131
           L Fuel Supply
           L Intake and Exhaust
      L Suspension and Axle
           L Front Suspension
           L Rear Suspension
                L Rear Suspension Diagnosis
                L Control Link, Upper Arm and Lower Arm
                L Trailing Arm Assembly
                L Shock Absorber Assembly
                L Stabilizer Bar
           L Front Axle
                L Front Axle Diagnosis
                L Front Axle Hub Assembly
                L Driveshaft Assembly
      L Brakes and Steering
           L Basic Brake
                L Basic Brake System Diagnosis
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Front Disc Brake Assembly
                L Rear Disc Brake Assembly
           L Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
                L Diagnosis Function
                L Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures
                     L DTC C100A, C1015, C1020, C102B, C1011, C101C, C1027, C1032, C1014, C101F, C102A, C1035
                     L DTC C1041, C1042, C1043, C1044, C1046, C1047, C1048, C1049, C104B, C104F, C1053, C1057, C105F, C1063, C1067, C105B
                     L DTC C2104, C1073, C2116, C1000, C2200, C2100, C2101, C1395, C2203, C1608, U0001, U0100, U0141, U1415, U1417
                L Symptom Chart, Symptom Procedures
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Wheel Speed Sensor
           L Active Stability Control System (ASC)
                L Diagnostic Function
                L Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures
                     L DTC C100A, C1015, C1020, C102B, C1011, C101C, C1027, C1032, C1014, C101F, C102A, C1035
                     L DTC C1035, C1041, C1042, C1043, C1044, C1046, C1047, C1048, C1049, C104B, C104F, C1053, C1057, C105F, C1063, C1067, C105B, C1200, C1204, C1208, C120C
                     L DTC C2104, C1073, C2116, C121D, C121E, C1000
           L Parking Brakes
           L Power Steering
                L Power Steering Diagnosis
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Steering Wheel
                L Steering Column Shaft Assembly
                L Power Steering Gear Box and Linkage
                L Power Steering Oil Pump Assembly
                L Power Steering Hoses
      L Automatic Transaxle and Propeller Shaft
           L CVT
                L Diagnostic Function
                L Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures
                     L DTC P0703, P0705, P0711, P0712, P0713, P0715, P0720, P0725, P0740, P0741, P0745
                     L DTC P0746, P0776, P0778, P0815, P0816, P0826, P0840, P0841, P0868, P0882, P0883
                     L DTC P1637, P1706, P1710, P1723, P1740, P1745, P1773, P1777, P1778, P1902, U0001, U0100, U0121, U0141
                L Symptom Procedures
                L On-vehicle Service
                L Transaxle Control
                L Transaxle Assembly
           L Continuously Variable Transaxle Overhaul
                L Transaxle
                L Forward Clutch
                L Reduction Gear
                L Differential
           L Automatic Transaxle
                L General Information
                L Automatic Transaxle Diagnosis (A/T)
                     L DTC P0703, P0705, P0712, P0713, P0715, P0720, P0729, P0731, P0732, P0733, P0734, P0735, P0736
                     L DTC P0741, P0742, P0743, P0748, P0753, P0758, P0763, P0768, P0815, P0816, P0826, P0846
                     L DTC P0876, P0893, P0988, P1705, P1706, P1731, P1753, P1758, P1773, P1796, U0001, U0100, U0121, U0141

Total pages: 266

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