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Mitsubishi Outlander: Washer fluid

Open the washer fluid reservoir cap and check the level of washer fluid with

Open the washer fluid reservoir cap and check the level of washer fluid with the dipstick.

If the level is low, replenish the container with washer fluid.


● The washer fluid container serves the windscreen, rear window and headlamps.

During cold weather

To ensure proper operation of the washers at low temperatures, use a fluid containing an anti-freezing agent.


 Brake fluid/Clutch fluid

The brake fluid and the clutch fluid share reservoir tank. To check the fluid level The fluid level must be between the “MAX” and “MIN” marks on the reservoir. The fluid level is monitore

 Power steering fluid

To check the fluid level Check the fluid level in the reservoir while the engine is idling. Check to make certain that the power steering fluid level is always between the “MAX” and “MIN


The condition of the battery is very important for quick starting and to keep the vehicle’s electrical system working properly. Regular inspection and care are especially important in cold weathe


 Parking Brakes

General Information The mechanical rear-wheel acting type parking brake is adopted, and a parking brake lever is used for that operation. CONSTRUCTION DIAGRAM <2.4L Engine: 5 persons seat> <2.4L Engine: 7 persons seat, 3.0L Engine> Service Specifications Parking Brake Diagnosis INTRODU

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

DTC B1200: Malfunction of odometer TROUBLE JUDGMENT If the odometer information, which is stored in the combination meter, is abnormal when the ignition switch at the ON position and the system voltage is 10 −16 volts (data from ETACS-ECU), DTC B1200 is stored. TROUBLESHOOTING HINTS The combin

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