Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Maintenance


 Service precautions

Adequate care of your vehicle at regular intervals serves to preserve the value and appearance as long as possible. Maintenance items as described in this owner’s manual can be performed by the


To open 1. Pull the release lever toward you to unlock the bonnet. 2. Raise the bonnet while pressing the safety lock. NOTE: ● Only open the bonnet when the wipers are in the parked posi

 Engine oil

To check and refill engine oil The engine oil used has a significant effect on the engine’s performance, service life and startability. Be sure to use oil of the recommended quality and appropr


 Balancer Shaft and Oil Pump Module

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Pre-removal and Post-installation Operation Engine Oil Pan Removal and Installation Removal steps Balancer shaft and oil pump module Required Special Tool: MB991614: Angle Gauge REMOVAL SERVICE POINT BALANCER SHAFT AND OIL PUMP MODULE REMOVAL CAUTION Never turn

 On-vehicle Service

DRIVE BELT TENSION CHECK 1. Remove the radiator condenser tank mounting bolt, and move the radiator condenser tank to a place where it does not interfere with the drive belt tension check. CAUTION Check the drive belt tension after turning the crankshaft clockwise one turn or more. 2. Make sure tha

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