Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Parking brake break-in

Break-in the parking brake linings whenever the brake performance of the parking brake is insufficient or whenever the parking brake linings and/or discs are replaced, in order to assure the best brake perfomance.

This procedure is described in the vehicle service manual and can be carried out by a MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Point.


 Wiper blade rubber replacement

Windscreen wiper blades 1. Lift the wiper arm off the windscreen. 2. Pull the wiper blade until its stopper (A) disengages from the hook (B). Pull the wiper blade further to remove it. NOTE: &

 General maintenance

Fuel, engine coolant, oil and exhaust gas leakage Look under the body of your vehicle to check for fuel, engine coolant, oil and exhaust gas leaks. WARNING: ● If you see a suspicious fuel l

 For cold and snow weather

Ventilation slots The ventilation slots in front of the windscreen should be brushed clear after heavy snowfall so that the operation of the heating and ventilation systems will not be impaired.


 Engine Assembly

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION When the engine assembly replacement is performed, use scan tool MB991958 to initialize the learning value. Pre-removal operation Hood Removal Fuel Line Pressure Reduction Engine Room Under Cover Front and Engine Room Side Cover Removal Engine Coolant Drai

 Symptom Procedures (Power Window)

INSPECTION PROCEDURE C-1: Power Windows do not Work at All. CAUTION Before replacing the ECU, ensure that the power supply circuit, the ground circuit and the communication circuit are normal. Power Window Power Supply Circuit CIRCUIT OPERATION The ETACS-ECU turns on the power window relay to ac

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