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Mitsubishi Outlander: Power steering fluid

To check the fluid level

To check the fluid level

Check the fluid level in the reservoir while the engine is idling.

Check to make certain that the power steering fluid level is always between the “MAX” and “MIN” level markings on the fluid reservoir and refill the fluid, if necessary.

Recommended fluid




The condition of the battery is very important for quick starting and to keep the vehicle’s electrical system working properly. Regular inspection and care are especially important in cold weathe


WARNING: ● Driving with tyres that are worn or improperly inflated can result in a collision and serious or fatal injury. Tyre inflation pressures : Above 160 km/h (100 mph). Check the t

 Parking brake break-in

Break-in the parking brake linings whenever the brake performance of the parking brake is insufficient or whenever the parking brake linings and/or discs are replaced, in order to assure the best


 General Information

NOTE: In this manual, F.A.S.T.-key (Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter) is described as Keyless Operation System (KOS). The keyless operation system (KOS) enables the driver to unlock all the doors and the liftgate by just pulling the front door outside handle or operating the liftgate lock rel

 Active Stability Control System (ASC)

Service Specifications Diagnosis INTRODUCTION TO ASC DIAGNOSIS The active stability control system (ASC) operates differently from conventional brake systems. These differences include sounds, sensations, and vehicle performance that owners and service technicians who are not familiar with ASC may

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