Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Power steering fluid

To check the fluid level

To check the fluid level

Check the fluid level in the reservoir while the engine is idling.

Check to make certain that the power steering fluid level is always between the “MAX” and “MIN” level markings on the fluid reservoir and refill the fluid, if necessary.

Recommended fluid




The condition of the battery is very important for quick starting and to keep the vehicle’s electrical system working properly. Regular inspection and care are especially important in cold weathe


WARNING: ● Driving with tyres that are worn or improperly inflated can result in a collision and serious or fatal injury. Tyre inflation pressures : Above 160 km/h (100 mph). Check the t

 Parking brake break-in

Break-in the parking brake linings whenever the brake performance of the parking brake is insufficient or whenever the parking brake linings and/or discs are replaced, in order to assure the best


 Symptom Procedures

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1: When the A/C is Operation, Temperature Inside the Passenger Compartment does not Decrease (Cool Air is not Emitted). TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION (COMMENT) The blower system or the compressor system may be defective if there is no cool air coming from the vents. TROUBLESHOOTING HIN

 DTC B1BBA, B1BBC, B1BBD, B1C23, B1C24, B1C25, B1C26, B1CB2, B210D, B210E, B2206, B2212, B2250, B2262

DTC B1BBA: Passenger Seat Weight Sensor Power Supply Circuit CAUTION If DTC B1BBA is set in the occupant classification- ECU, always diagnose the CAN main bus lines. CIRCUIT OPERATION The load data from the weight sensor is classified with the occupant classification-ECU, and its classified informat

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