Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Steering wheel height adjustment

1. Release the tilt lock lever while holding the steering wheel up.

2. Adjust the steering wheel to the desired height.

3. Securely lock the steering wheel by pulling the tilt lock lever fully upward.

A- Locked.

A- Locked.

B- Release.


● Do not attempt to adjust the steering wheel while you are driving the vehicle.


 Inside rear-view mirror

Adjust the rear-view mirror only after making any seat adjustments so you have a clear view to the rear of the vehicle. WARNING: ● Do not attempt to adjust the rear-view mirror while driving

 Outside rear-view mirrors

To adjust the mirror position The outside rear-view mirrors can be operated when the ignition switch is in the “ON” or “ACC” position. WARNING: ● Do not attempt to adjust the rear-v

 Ignition switch

[For vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system] For information on operations for vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system, refer to “Keyless operation system: Ignition swit


 Transaxle Assembly

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION The parts indicated by the * are the bolts with friction coefficient stabilizer. In removal, ensure there is no damage, clean dust and soiling from bearing and thread surfaces, and tighten them to the specified torque. Pre-removal operation Engine compartment un

 DTC B1BBA, B1BBC, B1BBD, B1C23, B1C24, B1C25, B1C26, B1CB2, B210D, B210E, B2206, B2212, B2250, B2262

DTC B1BBA: Passenger Seat Weight Sensor Power Supply Circuit CAUTION If DTC B1BBA is set in the occupant classification- ECU, always diagnose the CAN main bus lines. CIRCUIT OPERATION The load data from the weight sensor is classified with the occupant classification-ECU, and its classified informat

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