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Mitsubishi Outlander: Starting and driving

Mitsubishi Outlander Owner's Manual / Starting and driving


 Economical driving

For economical driving, there are some technical requirements that have to be met. The prerequisite for low fuel consumption is a properly adjusted engine. In order to achieve longer life of the v

 Driving, alcohol and drugs

Drunk driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents. Your driving ability can be seriously impaired even with blood alcohol levels far below the legal minimum. If you have been drinking,

 Safe driving techniques

Driving safety and protection against injury cannot be fully ensured. However, we recommend that you pay extra attention to the following: Seat belts Before starting the vehicle, make sure that yo


 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

Environmental conditions can have an effect on braking. During sudden braking when there is snow, ice, oil, water etc. on the road surface, a skid may occur. In this situation, steering control and braking effectiveness is reduced and the stopping distance is increased. The vehicle may also go

 Precautions Before Service

CAUTIONS FOR WORKING IN ENGINE COMPARTMENT WARNING Just after the ignition switch is turned to "LOCK" (OFF) position, the adjustments must always be made with the cooling fan stopped. After the ignition switch is turned to "LOCK" (OFF) position, the cooling fun might be driven for a few minutes by t

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