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Mitsubishi Outlander: Driving, alcohol and drugs

Drunk driving is one of the most frequent causes of accidents.

Your driving ability can be seriously impaired even with blood alcohol levels far below the legal minimum. If you have been drinking, don’t drive. Ride with a designated non-drinking driver, call a cab or a friend, or use public transportation.

Drinking coffee or taking a cold shower will not make you sober.

Similarly, prescription and nonprescription drugs affect your alertness, perception and reaction time. Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before driving while under the influence of any of these medications.



Your perceptions are less accurate, your reflexes are slower and your judgment is impaired.


 Safe driving techniques

Driving safety and protection against injury cannot be fully ensured. However, we recommend that you pay extra attention to the following: Seat belts Before starting the vehicle, make sure that yo

 Running-in recommendations

During the running-in period for the first 1,000 km (600 miles), it is advisable to drive your new vehicle using the following precautions as a guideline to aid long life as well as future econo

 Parking brake

To park the vehicle, first bring in to a complete stop, fully engage the parking brake. To apply 1- Pull the lever up without pushing the button at the end of hand grip. To release 1- Pull t


 Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

DTC B1200: Malfunction of odometer TROUBLE JUDGMENT If the odometer information, which is stored in the combination meter, is abnormal when the ignition switch at the ON position and the system voltage is 10 −16 volts (data from ETACS-ECU), DTC B1200 is stored. TROUBLESHOOTING HINTS The combin

 DTC C1915, C1925, C1935, C1945, U0019, U0141, U0151, U0154, U0155, U0164, U0184, U0195, U0245, U1412 , U1415, U1417

DTC C1915: Transmitter OFF mode 1 DTC C1925: Transmitter OFF mode 2 DTC C1935: Transmitter OFF mode 3 DTC C1945: Transmitter OFF mode 4 CAUTION If there is any problem in the CAN bus lines, an incorrect diagnostic trouble code may be set. Prior to this diagnosis, diagnose the CAN bus lines. DTC SET

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