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Mitsubishi Outlander: Inspection and maintenance followingrough road operation

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Owner's Manual / Starting and driving / Inspection and maintenance followingrough road operation

After operating the vehicle in rough road conditions, be sure to perform the following inspection and maintenance procedures:

● Check that the vehicle has not been damaged by rocks, gravel, etc.

● Carefully wash the vehicle with water.

Drive the vehicle slowly while lightly depressing the brake pedal in order to dry out the brakes. If the brakes still do not function properly, we recommend you to have the brakes checked as soon as possible.

● Remove the insects, dried grass, etc. clogging the radiator core.

● After driving through water, check the engine, transmission and differential oil. If the oil or grease is milky or cloudy because of water contamination, it must be replaced with new oil.

● Check the inside of the vehicle. If water entry is found, dry the carpet etc.

● Inspect the headlamps, If the headlamp bulb is flooded with water, we recommend you to have it drained.


 Cautions on the handling of 4-wheel drivevehicles

Tyres and wheels Since the driving torque can be applied to the 4 wheels, the driving performance of the vehicle when operating in 4-wheel drive is greatly affected by the condition of the tyres.


All the parts of the brake system are critical to safety. We recommend you to have the vehicle checked at regular intervals according to the service booklet. CAUTION: ● Avoid driving habits

 Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

Environmental conditions can have an effect on braking. During sudden braking when there is snow, ice, oil, water etc. on the road surface, a skid may occur. In this situation, steering control an


 Control Link, Upper Arm and Lower Arm

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION The parts indicated by *1 should be temporarily tightened, and then fully tightened with the vehicle standing on the ground and the curb weight condition. The parts indicated by *2 are the bolts/nuts with friction coefficient stabilizer. In removal, ensure

 DTC U0020, U0021, U0022, U0023, U0024, U0025, U0026, U0141, U0151, U0155, U0164, U0168, U0184, U0195, U0245, U1419, U141A, U141B, U141C, U1423

DTC U0020: CAN-B Bus Off Performance DTC U0021: CAN-B Bus(H1) Circuit Open DTC U0022: CAN-B Bus(H1) Shorted to Circuit Ground DTC U0023: CAN-B Bus(H1) Shorted to Circuit Power Supply DTC U0024: CAN-B Bus(L0) Circuit Open DTC U0025: CAN-B Bus(L0) Shorted to Circuit Ground DTC U0026: CAN-B Bus(L0) Sho

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