Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Power steering system

When the engine is stopped, the power steering system will not function and it will require greater manual effort to operate the steering wheel. Keep this in mind in particular when towing the vehicle. Never turn off the engine while driving.

Periodically check the power steering fluid level.


● Do not hold the steering wheel in the fully turned position (either left or right), for longer than 10 seconds.

This can cause damage to the power steering system.


 Active stability control (ASC)

The active stability control (ASC) takes overall control of the anti-lock brake system, traction control function and stability control function to help maintain the vehicle’s control and tracti

 Cruise control

Cruise control is an automatic speed control system that lets you keep the same driving speed. It can be activated at 40 km/h (25 mph) or more. CAUTION: ● When you do not wish to drive at a

 Reversing sensor system

This system operates when you are backing the vehicle. It uses corner and back sensors to detect an obstacle and sounds a buzzer to inform you of the approximate distance to the obstacle. CAUTION


 Wireless Control Module (WCM)

General Information The wireless control module (WCM) is a system that integrates the keyless entry function, with which remote operation (opening/closing of all doors and the liftgate and operation of warning function that warns a person who intends to damage the vehicle *), can be performed by ope

 DTC B2412, B2413, B2415, B2416, C1608, C1900, C1901, C1910, C1920, C1930, C1940, C1911, C1921, C1931, C1941, C1912, C1922, C1932, C1942, C1913, C1923, C1933, C1943, C1914, C1924, C1934, C1944

DTC B2412 Antenna power voltage CAUTION If diagnostic trouble code No. B2412 is set, diagnose the CAN bus lines. When replacing the ECU, always check that the communication circuit is normal. Antenna Assembly Circuit DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTION If KOS-ECU detects an abnormality in power supply of t

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