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Mitsubishi Outlander: Power Steering

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Mitsubishi Outlander. Power Steering



Mitsubishi Outlander. Power Steering


Mitsubishi Outlander. Power Steering


Mitsubishi Outlander. Power Steering


Mitsubishi Outlander. Power Steering


 Power Steering Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION TO POWER STEERING DIAGNOSIS Hydraulic power steering is used for all vehicles. Faults in the power steering can include excessive play of the steering wheel, difficult steering wheel ope

 On-vehicle Service

STEERING WHEEL FREE PLAY CHECK 1. With the engine running (hydraulic pressure applied), position the front wheel in the straight ahead direction. 2. Measure the side to side steering wheel play until

 Steering Wheel

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION WARNING Before removing the steering wheel and driver's air bag module assembly, refer to GROUP 52B, Service Precautions and Driver's Air Bag Module and Clock Spring. Wh


 Diagnostic Item 1-5

DIAGNOSTIC ITEM 1: Diagnose when the scan tool cannot receive the data sent by ETACS-ECU CAUTION When servicing a CAN bus line, ground yourself by touching a metal object such as an unpainted water pipe. If you fail to do so, a component connected to the CAN bus line may be damaged. CAN Communica

 Making a luggage room

WARNING: ● When making a luggage area, never arrange the seats while the vehicle is being driven or is on an incline. The seats could move unexpectedly or more than required and cause a serious accident. CAUTION: ● Do not stack luggage in the vehicle higher than the seatback heigh

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