Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Brakes and Steering


 Basic Brake

General Information Brake systems with higher reliability and durability have achieved distinguished braking performance. FEATURES IMPROVEMENT OF BRAKING PERFORMANCE In addition to the 10-inch singl

 Basic Brake System Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION TO BASIC BRAKE SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS Hydraulic brakes are composed of the brake pedal, master cylinder, brake booster and disc brakes. Malfunctions such as insufficient braking power or the ge

 On-vehicle Service

BRAKE PEDAL INSPECTION CAUTION Do not apply grease or lubricant to the switch and the switch installation section to avoid malfunction of the switch. In addition, do not use gloves which have grease o



1- Speedometer (km or mph + km/h). 2- Multi-information display → P. 3-4 Information screen display list → P. 3-40. 3- Tachometer → P. 3-2. 4- Daytime dipper button (meter illumination control) → P. 3-3. Tachometer The tachometer indicates the engine speed (r/min). T

 General Information

CENTRAL DOOR LOCKING SYSTEM The central door locking system operates the door lock actuator to lock or unlock the doors and liftgate using the door lock switch built into the front power window (main or sub RH) switch. The system has the following operations and features: All doors and liftgate ca

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