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Mitsubishi Outlander: Basic Brake

General Information

Brake systems with higher reliability and durability have achieved distinguished braking performance.





Mitsubishi Outlander. Basic Brake


Mitsubishi Outlander. Basic Brake

When the driver suddenly applies the brake, generally there is a tendency that a driver depresses the brake pedal quickly but not strong enough, or depresses the pedal once but reduces the depression force immediately after that. In this case, a sufficient braking force cannot be obtained, resulting in a longer stopping distance.

This brake booster with brake assist mechanism recognizes the status as emergency when the driver depresses the brake pedal quickly; it increases the assist force to the maximum value and maintains the output value of the brake booster to activate ABS.

Even if the driver reduces the depression force immediately after depressing the brake pedal quickly, this brake booster maintains the status where the maximum assist force is being applied until no depression force is applied to the brake pedal.

General Specifications

Mitsubishi Outlander. Basic Brake

Service Specifications

Mitsubishi Outlander. Basic Brake


Mitsubishi Outlander. Basic Brake


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