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Mitsubishi Outlander: Genuine Parts

MITSUBISHI MOTORS has gone to great lengths to bring you a superbly crafted automobile offering the highest quality and dependability.

Use MITSUBISHI MOTORS Genuine Parts, designed and manufactured to maintain your MITSUBISHI MOTORS automobile at top performance. MITSUBISHI MOTORS Genuine Parts are identified by this mark and are available at all MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Points.

Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil


 Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil

WARNING: ● Prolonged and repeated contact may cause serious skin disorders, including dermatitis and cancer. ● Avoid contact with the skin as far as possible and wash thoroughly after

 Locking and unlocking


Type 1, Type 2 Two keys are provided. The keys fit all locks. Keep one in a safe place as a spare key. 1- Key for the electronic immobiliser. 2- Key number tag. 1- Key for the electronic immo


 DTC C2104, C1073, C2116, C1000, C2200, C2100, C2101, C1395, C2203, C1608, U0001, U0100, U0141, U1415, U1417

DTC C2104 Faulty valve power supply circuit Power Supply Circuit CAUTION If there is any problem in the CAN bus lines, an incorrect DTC may be set. Prior to this diagnosis, diagnose the CAN bus lines (Refer to GROUP 54C − CAN Bus Line Diagnostic Flow). OPERATION ABS-ECU contains the power

 Rear Disc Brake Assembly

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <2.4L ENGINE: 5 PERSONS SEAT> Pre-removal operation Brake Fluid Draining Post-installation operation Brake Fluid Refilling and Air Bleeding Brake Disk Runout Inspection/Correction Parking Brake Lining Seating Procedure Removal steps Brake tube (brake hose s

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