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Mitsubishi Outlander: Locking and unlocking



Type 1, Type 2 Two keys are provided. The keys fit all locks. Keep one in a safe place as a spare key. 1- Key for the electronic immobiliser. 2- Key number tag. 1- Key for the electronic immo

 Electronic immobiliser(Anti-theft starting system)

[For vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system]. For information on operations for vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system, refer to “keyless operation system : Electronic

 Keyless entry system

Press the remote control switch, and all doors and the tailgate will be locked or unlocked as desired. It is also possible to operate the door mirrors, electric window. 1- LOCK switch. 2- UNLO


 KOS-ECU, Keyless Operation Key, TPMS Transmitter

KOS-ECU REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION If KOS-ECU is replaced, refer to ID code registration need judgment table P.42B to complete the registration of each ID code. Removal KOS-ECU Exterior Transmitter Antenna Assembly, Interior Transmitter Antenna Assembly, Receiver Antenna Module REMOVAL AN


DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY CAUTION Use a fluid of the designated brand for transmission fluid. Use of transmission fluid not specified by the manufacturer can affect driveability and the durability of the automatic transmission, and can even lead to damage to the transmission. Perform disasse

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