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Mitsubishi Outlander: Keyless entry system

Press the remote control switch, and all doors and the tailgate will be locked or unlocked as desired. It is also possible to operate the door mirrors, electric window.

1- LOCK switch.

1- LOCK switch.

2- UNLOCK switch.

3- Indicator lamp.

To lock

Press the LOCK switch (1), and all doors and the tailgate will be locked. The turn-signal lamps will blink once when the doors are locked.


● With a vehicle that has a Dead Lock System, Pressing the LOCK switch (1) two times in succession causes the Dead Lock System to be set (refer to “Setting the system”).

To unlock

Press the UNLOCK switch (2), and all doors and the tailgate will be unlocked. If the doors are unlocked when the room lamp switch is in the (DOOR) position, the room lamp will illuminate for approximately 15 seconds and the turn-signal lamps will blink twice.


● The indicator lamp (3) comes on each time a switch is pressed.

● If the UNLOCK switch (2) is pressed and any of the doors or tailgate is not opened within approximately 30 seconds, relocking will automatically occur.

● It is possible to modify functions as follows:

For further information, please contact your authorized MITSUBISHI MOTORS dealer.

• The time for automatic relocking can be changed.

• The confirmation function (blinking of the turn-signal lamps) can be set to operate only when the doors or tailgate are locked or only when the doors or tailgate are unlocked.

• The confirmation function (this indicates locking or unlocking of the doors or tailgate with the blink of the turn-signal lamps) can be deactivated.

• The number of times the turn-signal lamps are blinked by the confirmation function can be changed.

Operation of the Dead Lock System

With a vehicle that has a Dead Lock System, it is possible to set the Dead Lock System using the remote controller (refer to “Dead Lock System”).

Operation of the door windows

To close

Within 30 seconds of locking the doors using the LOCK switch (1), press the LOCK switch, again more than 1 second to close all of the windows.

To stop the windows part-way, press the LOCK switch again or press the UNLOCK switch (2).


● Before closing the door windows by using the remote control switch of the keyless entry system or the keyless operation system, for safety, make sure that no one is around the door windows. There is a danger of their hands or fingers being trapped and injured.

Operation of the outside rear-view mirrors

To fold

Within 30 seconds of locking the doors and tailgate using the LOCK switch (1), press the LOCK switch twice rapidly to fold the door mirrors.

To extend

Within 30 seconds of unlocking the doors and tailgate using the UNLOCK switch (2), press the UNLOCK switch twice rapidly to return the door mirrors to their extended positions.


● The remote control switch can be modified as stated below. Please consult your authorised MITSUBISHI MOTORS dealer.

• Disable the “Close” operation of the sunroof and electric window control.

• Add an electric window control “Open” function.

• Link the outside rear-view mirror retraction and extension to door locking and unlocking.

● The keyless entry system does not operate in the following conditions:

• The key is left in the key cylinder.

• The door or tailgate is open.

● The remote control switch will operate within about 4 m from the vehicle. However, the operating range of the remote control switch may change if the vehicle is located near a power station, or radio/TV broadcasting station.

● If either of the following problems occurs, the battery may be exhausted. Have the battery replaced by an authorized MITSUBISHI dealer.

• The remote control switch is operated at the correct distance from the vehicle, but the doors or tailgate are not locked/unlocked in response.

• The indicator lamp (3) is dim or does not come on.

● If your remote control switch is lost or damaged, please contact your MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Point for a replacement remote control switch.

● If you wish to add a remote control switch, we recommend you to contact your MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Point.

A maximum of 4 remote control switches are available for your vehicle.


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