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Mitsubishi Outlander: Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Owner's Manual / General information / Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil


● Prolonged and repeated contact may cause serious skin disorders, including dermatitis and cancer.

● Avoid contact with the skin as far as possible and wash thoroughly after any contact.

● Keep used engine oils out of reach of children.

Protect the environment

It is illegal to pollute drains, water courses and soil. Use authorised waste collection facilities, including civic amenity sites and garages providing facilities for disposal of used oil and used oil filters. If in doubt, contact your local authority for advice on disposal.


 Locking and unlocking


Type 1, Type 2 Two keys are provided. The keys fit all locks. Keep one in a safe place as a spare key. 1- Key for the electronic immobiliser. 2- Key number tag. 1- Key for the electronic immo

 Electronic immobiliser(Anti-theft starting system)

[For vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system]. For information on operations for vehicles equipped with the keyless operation system, refer to “keyless operation system : Electronic


 Vehicle Identification, General Data and Specifications

Vehicle Identification VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER PLATE VEHICLES IDENTIFICATION NUMBER LOCATION The vehicle identification number (VIN) plate is located on a plate attached to the left top side of the instrument panel. CODE CHART NOTE: *: Check digit means a single number, or letter X, used to

 DTC B1C27, B1C28, B1C29, B1C2A, B1C2B, B1C2C, B1C2D, B1C2E

DTC B1C27: Side-air bag Module (LH) (Squib) System (Shorted to Squib Circuit Ground) Side-Airbag Module (Squib) (LH) Circuit CAUTION If DTC B1C27 is set in the SRS-ECU, always diagnose the CAN bus lines. CIRCUIT OPERATION The SRS-ECU judges how severe a collision is by detecting signals from t

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