Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: General information


 Fuel selection

CAUTION: ● Your vehicle is designed to use only diesel fuel that meets the EN 590 standard. Use of any other type of diesel fuel can adversely affect the engine.

 Filling the fuel tank

WARNING: ● When handling fuel, comply with the safety regulations displayed by garages and filling stations. ● Before removing the fuel cap, be sure to get rid of your body’s static

 Installation of accessories

We recommend you to consult your MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Point. ● The installation of accessories, optional components, etc., should only be carried out within the limits prescri



REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <2.4L ENGINE> Pre-removal Operation Engine Coolant Draining Engine Upper Cover Removal Air Cleaner Assembly Removal Post-installation Operation Air Cleaner Assembly Installation Engine Upper Cover Installation Engine Coolant Refilling Removal steps Hose

 Maintenance Service

1. FUEL SYSTEM (TANK, PIPE LINE AND CONNECTION, AND FUEL TANK FILLER TUBE CAP) (CHECK FOR LEAKS) Check for damage or leakage in the fuel lines and connections. 2. FUEL HOSES (CHECK CONDITION) 1. Inspect the surface of fuel hoses for heat and mechanical damage. Hard and brittle rubber, cracking, tear

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