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Mitsubishi Outlander: Modification/alterations to the electrical orfuel systems

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Owner's Manual / General information / Modification/alterations to the electrical orfuel systems

MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION has always manufactured safe, high quality vehicles. In order to maintain this safety and quality, it is important that any accessory that is to be fitted, or any modifications carried out which involve the electrical or fuel systems, should be carried out in accordance with MITSUBISHI guidelines.


● If the wires interfere with the vehicle body or improper installation methods are used (protective fuses not included, etc.), electronic devices may be adversely affected, resulting in a fire or other accident.


 Genuine Parts

MITSUBISHI MOTORS has gone to great lengths to bring you a superbly crafted automobile offering the highest quality and dependability. Use MITSUBISHI MOTORS Genuine Parts, designed and manufactured

 Safety and disposal information for usedengine oil

WARNING: ● Prolonged and repeated contact may cause serious skin disorders, including dermatitis and cancer. ● Avoid contact with the skin as far as possible and wash thoroughly after

 Locking and unlocking


 Forward Clutch

DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY Disassembly steps Snap ring Internal gear Snap ring Snap ring Seal ring (small) Seal ring (big) Input shaft Forward clutch sub-assembly DISASSEMBLY SERVICE POINT SNAP RING REMOVAL Using a flat blade screwdriver etc., remove the snap ring from the forward clutch dr

 DTC B1731, B1761, B1A08, B1A09, B1A0A, B1A0B, B1A0C, B1A0D, B1A0E, B1A0F, B1A10, B1A11, B1A12, B1A13, B1A14, B1A15, B1A16, B1A17, B1A24, B1A25, B1A28, B1A35, B2101, B2102

DTC B1731: Engine control module communication timeout CAUTION When the DTC B1731 is set, be sure to diagnose the CAN bus line. When replacing the ECU, always check that the communication circuit is normal. DTC SET CONDITION WCM checks that the engine control module data has been received via

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