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Mitsubishi Outlander: On-vehicle Service


1. Check that the intermittent wiper interval is changed as the windshield intermittent wiper volume is operated.

2. Turn the windshield intermittent wiper switch to the intermittent operation position. Use the scan tool to set a simulated vehicle speed with the wiper volume held. The intermittent wiper interval should be changed as the simulated vehicle speed is changed.

3. If either of above is defective, carry out the troubleshooting.


Under clear weather (windshield glass is dry), turn the ignition switch to "ON" position and wiper switch to "AUTO" position. Check that the wiper works when applying water to the upper part of the windshield glass where the lighting control sensor is installed. If there is a malfunction, perform the troubleshooting.


1. Operate the windshield washer switch for less than 0.35 second with the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position to check whether the intelligent washer function works normally.

2. If not, carry out the troubleshooting.

NOTE: Check that the intelligent washer function is set to "Enabled" with the customization function.


1. When the washer lever of the column switch is operated for 0.5 second or longer with the ignition switch in the ACC or ON position, or when the intelligent washer function is enabled, the delayed finishing wipe function injects the washer fluid and operates the wiper. The wiper operates once for 6 seconds after the wiper operation is stopped.

Check that the delayed finishing wipe function works normally.

2. If not, carry out the troubleshooting.

NOTE: Check that the delayed finishing wipe function is set by the customization function.


Using the ETACS system of scan tool MB991958, the following functions can be programmed. The programmed information is held even when the battery is disconnected.

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