Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Exterior


 Specification(s), Front/Rear Bumper Assembly

Specification(s) SERVICE SPECIVFICATIONS ADHESIVES LUBRICANT Front Bumper Assembly REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Pre-removal and post-installation operation Headlight support panel cover removal and i

 Radiator Grille, Moldings, Garnishes

Radiator Grille REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal steps Headlight support panel cover Front bumper assembly Radiator grille Front-three diamond mark Headlight support upper panel cover Mol

 Door Sash Tape

SPECIAL TOOL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Pre-removal and post-installation operation Door Trim Assembly Removal and Installation Door Beltline Weatherstrip Inner Removal and Installation Door Openin


 Curtain Air Bag Module(s)

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION WARNING Never attempt to disassemble or repair the curtain air bag modules. If faulty, replace it. Do not drop the curtain air bag modules or allow contact with water, grease or oil. Replace it if a dent, crack, deformation or rust is detected. Do not expose the cur

 Stabilizer Bar

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <2.4L Engine: 5 persons seat> <2.4L Engine: 7 persons seat, 3.0L Engine> Removal steps Stabilizer link Stabilizer bracket  Bushing Rear differential carrier assembly Stabilizer bar INSTALLATION SERVICE POINT STABILIZER BAR/BUSHING/STABILIZER BR

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