Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Windshield Wiper and Washer


 General Information

WINDSHIELD WIPER AND WASHER OPERATION Intermittent control (Vehicle speed-dependent variable type) <Initial condition: with function> 1. ETACS calculates the windshield intermittent wiper inter

 Symptom Procedures (Inspection Procedure 1-6)

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 1: The windshield wipers do not work at all. Windshield Wiper Power Supply Circuit CIRCUIT OPERATION The windshield wiper and washer switch sends a signal through the column-

 Symptom Procedures (Inspection Procedure 7-12)

INSPECTION PROCEDURE 7: The rain sensitive AUTO wiper function does not work at all <Vehicles with lighting control sensor>. CAUTION Whenever ECU is replaced, ensure that the input and output s


 Inspection Procedure

Inspection Procedure 1: Scan tool cannot communicate with WCM. CAUTION Before replacing the ECU, ensure that the communication circuit is normal. TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION (COMMENT) If the scan tool cannot communicate with the WCM, the CAN bus lines may be defective. If the WCM does not work, the WCM or

 On-vehicle Service

DOOR FIT ADJUSTMENT Required Special Tools: MB990211: Slide Hammer MB990243: Body Puller MB990900 or MB991164: Door Adjusting Wrench MB990939: Brass Bar CAUTION Do not rotate special tool MB991164 with a torque of over 98 N*m (72 ft-lb). 1. When the clearance between the door and the body

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