Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Seat belt inspection

● Check the belts for cuts, worn or frayed webbing and for cracked or deformed metallic parts. Replace the belt assembly if defective.

● A dirty belt should be cleaned with neutral detergent in warm water. After rinsing in water, let it dry in the shade.

Do not attempt to bleach or re-dye the belts because this affects their characteristics.


● We recommend you to have all seat belt assemblies including retractors and attaching hardware inspected after any collision. We recommend that seat belt assemblies in use during a collision be replaced unless the collision was minor and the belts show no damage and continue to operate properly.

● Do not attempt to repair or replace any part of the sat belt assemblies; we recommend you to have this work done by a MITSUBISHI MOTORS Authorised Service Point. Incorrect repair or replacement result in serious injury in the event of a collision.

● Once the pre-tensioner has activated, it cannot be re-used.

It must be replaced together with the retractor.


 Supplemental restraint system (SRS)-airbag

The information for SRS airbags includes important information concerning the driver’s and front passenger’s airbags, the side airbags and the curtain airbags. The SRS airbags are designed to s

 Instruments and controls


1- Speedometer (km or mph + km/h). 2- Multi-information display → P. 3-4 Information screen display list → P. 3-40. 3- Tachometer → P. 3-2. 4- Daytime dipper button (meter illum


 DTC B1B54, B1B55, B1B56, B1B70, B1B71, B1B72, B1B73, B1B75, B1B76, B1BA3, B1BA4, B1BA5, B1BAA, B1BC7, B1BCF

DTC B1B54: Seat Belt Buckle Switch (RH) Circuit (Ground Side) Shorted DTC B1B55: Seat Belt Buckle Switch (RH) Circuit (Power Supply Side) Shorted DTC B1B56: Seat Belt Buckle Switch (RH) Circuit Open CAUTION If DTC B1B54, B1B55 or B1B56 are set in the SRS-ECU, always diagnose the CAN main bus lines

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