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1- Speedometer (km or mph + km/h). 2- Multi-information display → P. 3-4 Information screen display list → P. 3-40. 3- Tachometer → P. 3-2. 4- Daytime dipper button (meter illum

 Multi-information display

The following information is included on the multi-information display: warnings, odometer/tripmeter, service reminders, engine coolant temperature, fuel remaining, outside temperature, 4WD operat

 Indicator lamp, warning lamp, and information screen display list

Indicator and warning lamp list 1- Turn-signal indicator lamps/Hazard warning indicator lamps → P. 3-50. 2- High-beam indicator lamp → P. 3-50. 3- Diesel preheat indicator lamp →


 To use the external audio input function(vehicles with a rear-seat display)

Auxiliary Video connecter (RCA). A- Left audio input connecter (white). B- Right audio input connecter (red). C- Video input connecter (yellow). You can listen to commercially available audio equipment, such as a portable audio system, from your vehicle’s speakers, by connecting the audio

 Precautions Before Service

CAUTIONS FOR WORKING IN ENGINE COMPARTMENT WARNING Just after the ignition switch is turned to "LOCK" (OFF) position, the adjustments must always be made with the cooling fan stopped. After the ignition switch is turned to "LOCK" (OFF) position, the cooling fun might be driven for a few minutes by t

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