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Mitsubishi Outlander: Engine Overhaul - 2.4L Engine

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Service Manual / Engine / Engine Overhaul - 2.4L Engine

General Specifications

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Service Specifications

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Rework Dimensions

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Torque Specifications

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul


Plastic region tightening bolts are used in some parts of the engine. Install these bolts according to the method described in the body of the manual because the tightening method of these bolts are different from the conventional method. The service limit is determined for these bolts. Be sure to strictly follow the service limit described in the body of the manual.

  1. Cylinder head bolt
  2. Bearing cap bolt
  3. Connecting rod cap bolt

After tightening to the specified tightening torque, further tighten 90º and 90º, or 180º (90º + 90º).

Follow the tightening method described in the body of the manual because the tightening method differs from part to part.


Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

NOTE: The number in square brackets shows the genuine part number.


FIPG is used for some parts in the engine. It is necessary to pay attention to an application amount, application procedure and applied surface condition for this gasket to fully achieve its purpose.

Too small amount causes leakage while too much amount squeezes out to block or narrow water and oil passages. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to apply a correct amount of liquid sealant continuously without break to eliminate leakage from joints.

FIPG used for engine parts hardens reacting with moisture in the air, and is usually used for metal flanges.


Reapply the FIPG with care to the followings.

1. Completely remove the old FIPG including the residue in gaps of parts.

2. Using Mitsubishi genuine parts cleaner (MZ100387) or equivalent, degrease the FIPG application surface carefully.

3. According to the FIPG application procedures, apply it accurately.


Parts assembled with FIPG can be easily disassembled without using a special method. In some cases, however, it is necessary to lightly tap parts with a wooden hammer or similar tool to break sealant between mating surfaces. Or lightly driving a smooth and thin gasket scraper in mating surfaces is useful, but full care must be exercised not to damage mating surfaces. As special tool oil pan FIPG cutter (MD998727) is set, use this tool.


Completely remove all deposits from the gasket surface with a gasket scraper or wire brush. Make sure that the surface to which FIPG is applied is smooth.

The gasket surface must be free from grease and foreign substances. Be sure to remove old FIPG that has entered mounting holes and screw holes.


Apply FIPG in a determined diameter and continuously without break. Completely enclose the periphery of mounting holes. FIPG can be wiped off if it is not hardened. Install parts in place while FIPG is still wet. Take care not to allow FIPG to adhere to other locations than necessary locations during installation.

Do not pour oil or water on applied locations or do not start the engine until sufficient time (approximately one hour) passes. The application procedure of FIPG may differ depending on areas. Follow the procedure in the body of the manual to apply FIPG.

Special Tools

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul

Mitsubishi Outlander. Engine Overhaul


 Generator and Ignition System

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal steps Idler pulley Idler pulley Generator Power steering pump bracket Auto tensioner Crankshaft pulley center bolt Crankshaft pulley washer Crankshaft pulley

 Intake Manifold and Fuel System

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal steps Oil dipstick rod O-ring Injector protector rear Bracket Bracket Fuel rail assembly Injection support O-ring Injector O-ring Fuel rail Intake manifo

 Exhaust Manifold

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <4WD> Removal steps Exhaust manifold bracket C Exhaust manifold bracket A Crankshaft position sensor cover Crankshaft position sensor O-ring Exhaust manifold upp


 DTC B1C33, B1C34, B1C35, B1C36, B1C38, B1C39, B1C3A, B1C3B

DTC B1C33: Driver's Lap Pre-tensioner (Squib) System (Shorted to Squib Circuit Ground) Driver's Lap pre-tensioner (Squib) Circuit CAUTION If DTC B1C33 is set in the SRS-ECU, always diagnose the CAN main bus line. CIRCUIT OPERATION The SRS-ECU judges how severe a collision is by detecting signals

 Third seat (7 persons)

To fold out the underfloor-stowable third seat The third seat is stowed under the floor. Use the seat when extra people ride in your vehicle. When not in use, stow the seat under the floor and use as a luggage area. WARNING: ● Make sure that you arrange the third seat before starting to

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