Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Controller Area Network (CAN)


 General Information, Service Precautions

General Information CAN, an abbreviation for Controller Area Network, is an ISO-certified international standard for a serial multiplex communication protocol*. A communication circuit employing the C

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Diagnosis

ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS The CAN is a communication method which the ECUs use in order to communicate each other. The CAN-related diagnostic trouble codes will be stored in the following ECUs, which use t


CAN BUS DIAGNOSTICS TABLE CAUTION A diagnostic trouble code may not also be set in the CAN-B lines under the conditions below. If no diagnostic trouble code has been set due to electrical noise, confi


 On-vehicle Service

DOOR FIT ADJUSTMENT Required Special Tools: MB990211: Slide Hammer MB990243: Body Puller MB990900 or MB991164: Door Adjusting Wrench MB990939: Brass Bar CAUTION Do not rotate special tool MB991164 with a torque of over 98 N*m (72 ft-lb). 1. When the clearance between the door and the body

 Manual transmission

The shift pattern is shown on the gearshift lever knob. Be sure to always fully depress the clutch pedal before attempting to shift the lever. CAUTION: ● Do not put the gearshift lever into the reverse position while the vehicle is moving forward. Doing so could damage the transmission

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