Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Specifications


 Vehicle labeling

1-Vehicle identification number The vehicle identification number is stamped on the bulkhead as shown in the illustration. 2-Vehicle information code plate The vehicle information code plate is

 Vehicle dimensions

 Vehicle performance


 DTC B2412, B2413, B2415, B2416, C1608, C1900, C1901, C1910, C1920, C1930, C1940, C1911, C1921, C1931, C1941, C1912, C1922, C1932, C1942, C1913, C1923, C1933, C1943, C1914, C1924, C1934, C1944

DTC B2412 Antenna power voltage CAUTION If diagnostic trouble code No. B2412 is set, diagnose the CAN bus lines. When replacing the ECU, always check that the communication circuit is normal. Antenna Assembly Circuit DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTION If KOS-ECU detects an abnormality in power supply of t

 Door Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION TO GLASS AND DOOR DIAGNOSIS Glass and door faults include water leaks and improper opening and closing. Causes for these faults can include faults in the glass, weatherstrip, drain hole or door installation. GLASS AND DOOR DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLESHOOTING STRATEGY Use these steps to plan you

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