Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Specifications


 Vehicle labeling

1-Vehicle identification number The vehicle identification number is stamped on the bulkhead as shown in the illustration. 2-Vehicle information code plate The vehicle information code plate is

 Vehicle dimensions

 Vehicle performance


 Rear Suspension Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION TO REAR SUSPENSION DIAGNOSIS If the rear suspension is faulty, the vehicle will not run straightforward or noise will occur. Incorrect wheel alignment, malfunction of shock absorber, stabilizer bar, coil spring, control arms or worn or out-of-balance will cause these problems. REAR SUSP

 DTC U0019, U0141, U0154, U0155, U0164, U0168, U0170, U0171, U0172, U0173, U0175, U0176, U0184, U0195, U0212, U1414, U1415

DTC U0019: Bus Off (CAN-B) CAUTION If the DTC U0019 is set, be sure to diagnose the CAN main bus line. When replacing the ECU, always check that the communication circuit is normal. DTC SET CONDITION If the CAN-B circuit malfunction occurs, the SRS-ECU sets the DTC U0019. JUDGMENT CRITERIA Bec

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