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Mitsubishi Outlander: Fuel consumption



● The results given do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of the particular vehicle.

The vehicle itself has not been tested and there are inevitably differences between individual vehicles of the same model. In addition, this vehicle may incorporate particular modifications. Furthermore, the driver’s style and road and traffic conditions, as well as the extent to which the vehicle has been driven and the standard of maintenance, will all affect its fuel consumption.


 Refill capacities

NOTE: ● Points requiring routine inspection or replenishment such as the engine oil, washer fluid and brake/clutch fluid are marked white for easy identification.


 DTC U0020, U0021, U0022, U0023, U0024, U0025, U0026, U0141, U0151, U0155, U0164, U0168, U0184, U0195, U0245, U1419, U141A, U141B, U141C, U1423

DTC U0020: CAN-B Bus Off Performance DTC U0021: CAN-B Bus(H1) Circuit Open DTC U0022: CAN-B Bus(H1) Shorted to Circuit Ground DTC U0023: CAN-B Bus(H1) Shorted to Circuit Power Supply DTC U0024: CAN-B Bus(L0) Circuit Open DTC U0025: CAN-B Bus(L0) Shorted to Circuit Ground DTC U0026: CAN-B Bus(L0) Sho

 Generator and Ignition System

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal steps Idler pulley Idler pulley Generator Power steering pump bracket Auto tensioner Crankshaft pulley center bolt Crankshaft pulley washer Crankshaft pulley Ignition coil Spark plug Required Special Tool: MB991883: Flywheel Stopper MB991398: Spark pl

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