Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Refill capacities



● Points requiring routine inspection or replenishment such as the engine oil, washer fluid and brake/clutch fluid are marked white for easy identification.



 Transaxle Control

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION Before removing the clock spring connector, refer to GROUP 52B − SRS Air Bag Service Precautions and Air Bag Module and Clock Spring. Pre-removal operation Front floor console assembly removal Post-installation operation Front floor console assembly ins

 DTC B1731, B1761, B1A08, B1A09, B1A0A, B1A0B, B1A0C, B1A0D, B1A0E, B1A0F, B1A10, B1A11, B1A12, B1A13, B1A14, B1A15, B1A16, B1A17, B1A24, B1A25, B1A28, B1A35, B2101, B2102

DTC B1731: Engine control module communication timeout CAUTION When the DTC B1731 is set, be sure to diagnose the CAN bus line. When replacing the ECU, always check that the communication circuit is normal. DTC SET CONDITION WCM checks that the engine control module data has been received via

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