Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Refill capacities



● Points requiring routine inspection or replenishment such as the engine oil, washer fluid and brake/clutch fluid are marked white for easy identification.



 DTC C1041, C1042, C1043, C1044, C1046, C1047, C1048, C1049, C104B, C104F, C1053, C1057, C105F, C1063, C1067, C105B

DTC C1041: Abnormality in periodical signal for FL wheel speed sensor CAUTION If there is any problem in the CAN bus lines, an incorrect DTC may be set. Prior to this diagnosis, diagnose the CAN bus lines (Refer to GROUP 54C − CAN Bus Line Diagnostic Flow). Whenever ECU is replaced, ensu

 Side Air Dam, Under Cover, Roof Rail, Liftgate Spoiler

Side Air Dam REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal Side air dam REMOVAL SERVICE POINT SIDE AIR DAM REMOVAL Gently lift and remove the side air dam. If there is any double- sided tape remaining on the side air dam, remove according to the following instructions. Remove double-sided tape remaining on

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