Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Vehicle performance

Vehicle weight


 Vehicle weight

In case of trailer towing NOTE: ● Trailer specifications indicate the manufacturer’s recommendation.

 Engine specifications

 Electrical system


 Rear Disc Brake Assembly

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <2.4L ENGINE: 5 PERSONS SEAT> Pre-removal operation Brake Fluid Draining Post-installation operation Brake Fluid Refilling and Air Bleeding Brake Disk Runout Inspection/Correction Parking Brake Lining Seating Procedure Removal steps Brake tube (brake hose s

 Cup holder

CAUTION: ● Do not drink beverages while driving. This is distracting and could cause an accident. For the driver’s seat There is a built-in cup holder in the instrument panel on the driver’s side. Pressing the centre of the lid causes the tray to pop out a little. Pull it out comp

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