Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Electrical system

Tyres and wheels


 Tyres and wheels

Optional equipment.

 Fuel consumption

NOTE: ● The results given do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of the particular vehicle. The vehicle itself has not been tested and there are inevitably differenc

 Refill capacities

NOTE: ● Points requiring routine inspection or replenishment such as the engine oil, washer fluid and brake/clutch fluid are marked white for easy identification.


 General Information

NOTE: In this manual, F.A.S.T.-key (Free-hand Advanced Security Transmitter) is described as Keyless Operation System (KOS). The keyless operation system (KOS) enables the driver to unlock all the doors and the liftgate by just pulling the front door outside handle or operating the liftgate lock rel

 Engine Control

GENERAL INFORMATION For the accelerator system, the electronic throttle valve control system, disposing of the accelerator cable, is adopted. This system determines the amount of pressure applied to the accelerator pedal using the built-in accelerator pedal position sensor of the accelerator pedal

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