Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Cruise Control


 General Information

By using the cruise control system, the driver can drive at preferred speeds in a range of approximately 40 to 160 km/h (25 to 100 mph) without depressing the accelerator pedal. For this cruise contr

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

DTC 15: Cruise Control Switch System Cruise Control Switch Circuit CIRCUIT OPERATION This circuit judges the signals of each switch ("ON/OFF", "CANCEL", "COAST/SET" and "ACC/RES") of the cruise cont

 Symptom Chart, Symptom Procedures

SYMPTOM CHART SYMPTOM PROCEDURES Inspection Procedure 1: When the Brake Pedal is Depressed, Cruise Control System is not Cancelled. COMMENT Malfunction of CAN bus line. The stoplight switch circ


 Service Reminder Function Set

HOW TO SET BY OPERATING THE SCAN TOOL MB991958 CAUTION If the combination meter needs to be replaced, the current driving distance and elapsed days must be entered into the meter after the replacement in order to be used for service reminder function. Therefore, read "Integrated mileage for r

 Transaxle Control

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION Before removing the clock spring connector, refer to GROUP 52B − SRS Air Bag Service Precautions and Air Bag Module and Clock Spring. Pre-removal operation Front floor console assembly removal Post-installation operation Front floor console assembly ins

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