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Mitsubishi Outlander: Engine and Emission Control

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Service Manual / Engine / Engine and Emission Control


 Engine Control

GENERAL INFORMATION For the accelerator system, the electronic throttle valve control system, disposing of the accelerator cable, is adopted. This system determines the amount of pressure applied to

 Cruise Control

 General Information

By using the cruise control system, the driver can drive at preferred speeds in a range of approximately 40 to 160 km/h (25 to 100 mph) without depressing the accelerator pedal. For this cruise contr


 Instrument Panel Assembly

Adhesive NOTE: The symbol in parentheses indicates a part number. Special Tool Instrument Panel Assembly REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION The following bolts and screws are used for installing the instrument panel: The bolts and screws are indicated by symbols in the illustrations in sections "REMOVAL AN


STANDARD FLOW OF DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLESHOOTING Refer to GROUP 00 − How to Use Troubleshooting/Inspection Service Points. DIAGNOSTIC FUNCTION HOW TO CONNECT THE SCAN TOOL (M.U.T.-III) Required Special Tools: MB991958: Scan Tool (M.U.T.-III Sub Assembly) MB991824: Vehicles Communication Interf

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