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Mitsubishi Outlander: Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) - 2.4L Engine

Mitsubishi Outlander 2007-2013 Service Manual / Engine / Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI) - 2.4L Engine

General Information

The Multiport Fuel Injection System consists of sensors which detect the engine conditions, the ENGINE CONTROL MODULE (ECM) which controls the system based on signals from these sensors, and actuators which operate under the control of the ECM.

The ECM carries out activities such as fuel injection control, idle air control, and ignition timing control.

In addition, the ECM is equipped with several diagnostic test modes which simplify troubleshooting when a problem develops.


The injector drive times and injection timing are controlled so that the optimum air/fuel mixture is supplied to the engine to correspond to the continually-changing engine operation conditions.

A single injector is mounted at the intake port of each cylinder. Fuel is sent under pressure from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors by the fuel pump, with the pressure being regulated by the fuel pressure regulator.

The regulated fuel is distributed to each of the injectors.

Fuel injection is normally carried out once for each cylinder for every two rotations of the crankshaft.

The firing order is 1-3-4-2. Each cylinder has a dedicated fuel injector. This is called multiport.

The ECM provides a richer air/fuel mixture by carrying out "open-loop" control when the engine is cold or operating under high load conditions in order to maintain engine performance. In addition, when the engine is under normal operating temperature after warming-up, the ECM controls the air/fuel mixture by using the heated oxygen sensor signal or linear air-fuel ratio sensor signal to carry out "closed-loop" control. The closed-loop control achieves the theoretical air/fuel mixture ratio where the catalytic converter can obtain the maximum cleaning performance.


This system electrically controls the opening of the throttle valve. The ECM detects the amount of travel of the accelerator pedal via the accelerator pedal position sensor, and controls the actuation of the throttle actuator control motor, which is mounted on the throttle body, in order to attain the target throttle valve opening that has been predetermined in accordance with driving conditions.


The idle speed is kept at the optimum speed by controlling the amount of air that passes through the throttle valve in accordance with changes in idling conditions and engine load during idling.

The ECM drives the throttle actuator control motor to keep the engine running at the pre-set idle target speed in accordance with the engine coolant temperature and A/C and other electrical load. In addition, when the air conditioning switch is turned off and on while the engine is idling, the throttle actuator control motor adjusts the throttle valve pass-through air amount according to the engine load conditions to avoid fluctuations in the engine speed.


The ignition power transistor located in the ignition primary circuit turns ON and OFF to control the primary current flow to the ignition coil. This controls the ignition timing to provide the optimum ignition timing with respect to the engine operating conditions. The ignition timing is determined by the ECM from engine speed, intake air volume, engine coolant temperature, and atmospheric pressure.



Fuel Pump Control

A/C Compressor Clutch Relay Control

Engine Oil Control Valve Control

Generator Output Current Control

Evaporative Emission Purge Control

EGR Control


Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

NOTE: For the vacuum routing, refer to GROUP 17, Emission Control − Vacuum Hoses − Vacuum Hose Routing.

General Specification(s)

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

Service Specification(s)

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

Sealant and Adhesive

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

Special Tool

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)

Mitsubishi Outlander. Multiport Fuel Injection (MFI)


 Troubleshooting Strategy, Diagnostic Function

TROUBLESHOOTING STRATEGY NOTE: If a DTC is erased, its "freeze frame" data will also be erased and system readiness test status will be reset. Store the "freeze frame" data before erasing the DTC. Use

 Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedures

 DTC P0010, P0011, P0013, P0014, P0016, P0017, P0031, P0032, P0037, P0038

DTC P0010: Intake Engine Oil Control Valve Circuit CIRCUIT OPERATION The intake engine oil control valve power is supplied from the MFI relay (terminal No. 2). The ECM controls ground intake en


 Cylinder Head Gasket

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Pre-removal operation Fuel Line Pressure Reduction Engine Room Under Cover Front B and Engine Room Side Cover (RH) Removal Engine Coolant Draining Air Cleaner Assembly Removal Ignition Coil Removal Strut Tower Bar Removal Exhaust Manifold Removal Throttle Bod

 Wheel Speed Sensor

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION CAUTION The vehicle speed detection encoder collects any metallic particle easily, because it is magnetized. Make sure that the encoder should not collect any metallic particle. Check that there is not any trouble prior to reassembling it. Pre-removal and post-installation

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