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1- Centre ventilators. 2- Side ventilators. Air flow and direction adjustments Centre ventilators Move the knob (A) to adjust the air flow direction. To close the ventilator, fully move the kno

 Automatic air conditioning

The air conditioning can only be used while the engine is running. Control panel 1- Temperature control dial. 2- Air selection switch. 3- Blower speed selection dial. 4- Air conditioning switch

 Important operation tips for the airconditioning

● Park the vehicle in the shade. Parking in the hot sun will make the vehicle inside extremely hot, and it will require more to cool the interior. If it is necessary to park in the sun, open


 Diagnostic Function

WARNING INDICATOR When any malfunction occurs in the items related to the CVT system, which are described below, the symbol (A) continues being displayed in the information screen in the multi information display. Check if the diagnostic trouble code is set when the symbol (A) continues being displ

 Crankshaft and Cylinder Block

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Removal steps Crankshaft bearing cap bolt Crankshaft bearing cap Crankshaft bearing lower Crankshaft Crankshaft bearing upper Thrust bearing Crankshaft sensing ring Cylinder block REMOVAL SERVICE POINT CRANKSHAFT REMOVAL When temporarily placing the crankshaft wit

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