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Mitsubishi Outlander: Error codes

If an error code (1) appears in the display, take action in accordance with the

If an error code (1) appears in the display, take action in accordance with the table below.

Handling of compact discs


 Handling of compact discs

● Use only the type of compact discs that have the mark shown in the illustration below (playback of CD-R or CDRW discs may cause problems). ● The use of special shaped, damaged compa


Roof antenna To remove Turn the pole (A) anticlockwise. To install Screw the pole (A) clockwise into the base (B) until it is securely retained. NOTE: ● Be sure to remove the roof antenn

 Digital clock

Automatic mode and manual mode is available for digital clock adjustment: Select the automatic mode or the manual mode by performing the following operations: 1. Press the PWR switch (A) to turn


 Power Window Diagnosis

TROUBLESHOOTING STRATEGY Refer to GROUP 00, How to Use Troubleshooting/Inspection Service Points, Troubleshooting Contents. DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE CHART POWER WINDOW CAUTION On troubleshooting, if the ignition switch is turned ON while disconnecting connector(s), diagnostic trouble code(s) associa

 Inside rear-view mirror

Adjust the rear-view mirror only after making any seat adjustments so you have a clear view to the rear of the vehicle. WARNING: ● Do not attempt to adjust the rear-view mirror while driving. This can be dangerous. Always adjust the mirror before driving. Adjust the rear-view mirror to m

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