Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: If the vehicle breaks down

If the vehicle breaks down on the road, move it to the shoulder and use the hazard warning flashers.

Refer to “Hazard warning flasher switch”.

If the engine stops/fails

Vehicle operation and control are affected if the engine stops.

Before moving the vehicle to a safe area be aware of the following:

● The brake booster becomes inoperative and the pedal effort will increase. Press down the brake pedal harder than usual.

● Since the power steering pump is no longer operative, the steering wheel feels heavy when turning it. Turn the wheel with more effort than usual.


 Emergency starting

If the engine cannot be started because the battery is weak or dead, the battery from another vehicle can be used with jumper cables to start the engine. WARNING: ● To start the engine using

 Engine overheating

When the engine has overheated, the information screen in the multi-information display will be interrupted and the engine coolant temperature warning display will appear. The screen will then cha

 Tools and jack

Storage The tools and jack are stowed on the right side of the luggage area. The storage location of the tools and jack should be remembered in case of an emergency. 1- Jack. 2- Tools. Tools


 On-vehicle Service

HEADLIGHT AIMING PRE-AIMING INSTRUCTIONS (LOW-BEAM) 1. Inspect for rusted or faulty headlight assemblies. 2. These conditions must be corrected before a satisfactory adjustment can be made. 3. Inspect tire inflation, and adjust if necessary. 4. If the fuel tank is not full, place a weight in the

 Window Glass Runchannel and Door Opening Weatherstrip

REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <Front door> Waterproof film removal steps Pull handle bracket Waterproof film Door window glass runchannel removal steps Door window glass runchannel Door belt line weatherstrip inner removal steps Door trim assembly Door belt line weatherstrip inner

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