Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Body



HOOD DIAGNOSIS INTRODUCTION TO HOOD DIAGNOSIS Wind noise at the hood may be caused by improper hood adjustment. HOOD DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLESHOOTING STRATEGY Use these steps to plan your diagnostic strateg

 Fender, Splash Shield, Fuel Filler Lid, Strut Tower Bar

Fender REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION Pre-removal and post-installation operation Splash shield front removal and installation Front bumper side bracket removal and installation Headlight assembly remo

 Window Glass

SPECIFICATIONS ADHESIVE LUBRICANT GENERAL The windshield glass, quarter window glass and liftgate window glass are attached by an urethane-base adhesive to the window frame. This adhesive provides


 Seat belt inspection

● Check the belts for cuts, worn or frayed webbing and for cracked or deformed metallic parts. Replace the belt assembly if defective. ● A dirty belt should be cleaned with neutral detergent in warm water. After rinsing in water, let it dry in the shade. Do not attempt to bleach or

 Forward Clutch

DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY Disassembly steps Snap ring Internal gear Snap ring Snap ring Seal ring (small) Seal ring (big) Input shaft Forward clutch sub-assembly DISASSEMBLY SERVICE POINT SNAP RING REMOVAL Using a flat blade screwdriver etc., remove the snap ring from the forward clutch dr

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