Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Suspension and Axle


 Front Suspension

General Information The MacPherson strut type suspension is adopted. CONSTRUCTION DIAGRAM Fastener Tightening Specifications General Specifications COIL SPRING NOTE: * : Heavyduty suspension for F

 Rear Suspension

General Information A trailing arm type multi-link suspension is used. The main features are listed as follows: The wheel tread is enlarged to improve cornering ability. The roll center height is

 Rear Suspension Diagnosis

INTRODUCTION TO REAR SUSPENSION DIAGNOSIS If the rear suspension is faulty, the vehicle will not run straightforward or noise will occur. Incorrect wheel alignment, malfunction of shock absorber, stab


 Vehicle care precautions

In order to maintain the value of your vehicle, it is necessary to perform regular maintenance using the proper procedures. Always maintain your vehicle in compliance with any environmental pollution control regulations. Carefully select the materials used for washing, etc., to be sure that th

 On-vehicle Service

HEADLIGHT AIMING PRE-AIMING INSTRUCTIONS (LOW-BEAM) 1. Inspect for rusted or faulty headlight assemblies. 2. These conditions must be corrected before a satisfactory adjustment can be made. 3. Inspect tire inflation, and adjust if necessary. 4. If the fuel tank is not full, place a weight in the

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