Mitsubishi Outlander manuals

Mitsubishi Outlander: Engine Electrical


 Charging System

GENERAL INFORMATION The charging system charges the battery with the generator output to keep the battery charged at a constant level during varying electrical load. OPERATION Rotation of the excited

 Starting System

GENERAL INFORMATION If the ignition switch is turned to the "START" position, current flows in the coil provided inside magnetic switch, attracting the plunger. When the plunger is attracted, the lev

 Ignition System

GENERAL INFORMATION This system is equipped with four <2.4L> or six <3.0L> ignition coils with built-in power transistors for each of the cylinders. Interruption of the primary current fl



REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION <2.4L ENGINE> Pre-removal operation Engine coolant Draining Air Cleaner Assembly Removal Post-installation operation Air Cleaner Assembly Installation Engine Coolant Refilling and Check Radiator removal steps Engine room under cover front Radiator drain

 Wireless Control Module (WCM)

General Information The wireless control module (WCM) is a system that integrates the keyless entry function, with which remote operation (opening/closing of all doors and the liftgate and operation of warning function that warns a person who intends to damage the vehicle *), can be performed by ope

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